40 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for a Happy, Healthy, Growth-Filled Year

New Years Resolution Ideas

There’s something so undeniably refreshing about the start of a new year, isn’t there? 

That awkward time after Christmas but before New Year’s is one of my favorite times to reflect on how I’ve grown (check out my post on 27 Questions for Self-Reflection before New Year’s!) and get really clear on where I want to be in a years time.

When done well and with intention, New Year’s resolutions can set you up for a year full of health, happiness, and personal growth.

If you’re still locking down your resolutions for the coming year, I’ve got 40 ideas to get you started! 

1. Start a daily gratitude practice (And download this free gratitude journal I made for you while you’re at it)

2. Commit to paying off your student loans or credit card debt. If paying them off entirely isn’t realistic for you, choose a specific amount that is.

3. Declutter your entire home and commit to being a more intentional consumer.

4. Go to the gym, take an exercise class, or do at-home workouts 3-6 days per week.

5. Start meditating daily. I recommend using an app like Headspace or Calm. (I’ve used and like them both, but have a slight preference for Headspace). 

6. Establish an emergency fund of 3-6 months living expenses.

7. Wake up earlier. I’m not going to tell you that you HAVE to wake up at 5AM, as is so common on the interwebs, but an extra hour or two in the morning can do wonders for your productivity.

8. Start brewing your own kombucha (because that sh*t is expensive, and it’s easier than you think). 

9. Learn a new skill  such as how to code, speak a new language, or up your cooking game (I personally plan to master the art of sushi-making this year).

10. Get your email to inbox zero and develop a system to KEEP it there

11. Create or revamp your skincare routine – Even if you’re still in your teens or 20s like moi, taking care of your skin is important! 

12. Make your bed every morning. Living and working in a tidy space brings clarity and peace of mind. 

13. Spend time outside every day.

14. Begin each day by getting your mind right with content that inspires, motivates, or educates you. My personal favorite is The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday.

15. Create a living space that feels like your own personal sanctuary and that you LOVE to come home to. 

16. Floss every day. It could make you live longer. Yep, seriously. 

17. Find a new creative hobby – learn how to play an instrument, paint, make a scrapbook for someone you love, do DIY home projects. 

18. Open a Roth IRA or other retirement account and make regular contributions. 

19. Create a weekly menu and start meal-prepping for #healthgainz and to save some extra cash.

20. Make it a priority to get enough sleep.

21. Begin volunteering or contributing to a cause that you care about.

22. That blog / YouTube channel / Sound Cloud / WHATEVER that’s always in the back of your mind, but you put off starting because “what will people think?” DO IT. 

23. Take an online (or IRL) course to help further your personal and professional goals. 

24. Indulge your sense of adventure by taking that trip you’ve always wanted to get around to. International travel can be a lot cheaper than you’d think if you’re willing to be flexible (Thailand is my all-time fave place for #ballinonabudget). If faraway travel is out of question,  look for opportunities to take day or weekend trips. Get out of your bubble! 

25. Start journaling daily. It’s amazing how much you can learn about yourself by sitting down with pen and paper.

26. Start a side hustle to boost your income.

27. Join and actively participate in a mastermind or other community with like-minded people to keep you motivated and accountable.

28. Give your diet a makeover. Try to eliminate (or at least reduce) overly processed foods and become more conscious of where your food comes from / how it was grown or made. 

29. Make (and keep!) weekly self-care dates with yourself.

30. Create a budget and stick to it. Apps like Mint or Clarity Money can be helpful for this. 

31. Start using a bullet journal to organize your life.

32. Create a morning routine to kickstart your days productively

33. Commit to a “dry” year and give up alcohol or some other vice.

34. Drink enough water.

35. Read or listen to a podcast that expands your mind daily. 

36. Make a point to tell someone in your life that you appreciate them or to have a meaningful conversation each day.

37. Set a time limit for how long you’ll spend on social media or web-surfing each day and stick to it. 

38. Designate a weekly GYST (Get Your Shit Together) day where you can take care of any accumulating tasks that you couldn’t get to earlier in the week, tidy up, and set yourself up for a productive, organized week.

39. Say “YES” more. Stop living as though you have all of the time in the world. Nothing is guaranteed. So don’t take your time for granted, stop saying no to things out of self-doubt or pure laziness, and be open to new opportunities and challenges that excite you.

40. Say “NO” more. Similar to my last point… time is the most valuable asset that we have so protect yours fiercely and only fill it with things that are meaningful to you. Just because someone invites you out, doesn’t mean you have to go. Just because a job opportunity is offered to you, doesn’t mean you have to take it. As Derek Sivers says, “If it’s not a HELL YES, its a no.” Make that your mantra for 2019 and watch how it transforms your life.  

Now I Want to Hear From You! 

What are your resolutions for 2019? Let me know in the comments below.

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